A Special Year For Northstowe

May 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of the first "new build" residents moving in. In June, as a nation, we are celebrating the Queen's platinum Jubillee.

When better to make a record of 'us' - the community of people living, working, and building this new place and this unique time. We would love you - the people of Northstowe - to create a work of art that captures a moment in history

What are we looking for and why?

  • Pictures of you or your family - outside your home or at a Northstowe landmark

  • Groups of people: clubs, organinsations or neighbors - why not gather around your club banner or street sign

  • When we have enough images we will use them to produce a printed display for the community to see and will also produce a photo book that will be preserved as local history

Take your own picture - you don't need a fancy camera, a smart phone will work perfectly. This is about real pictures of "us" here and now

Alternatively, if you want help getting a picture get in touch and I'll bring my camera!

Include something of this place and time - your doorstep, a recognisable local landmark or street sign

Encourage your friends and neighbors to join in - why not take pictures of each other?

Want a few tips for taking pictures? Take a look here

We want to make sure everyone is safe. We recommend you avoid including your exact street address or any personal data in your pictures.

Don't upload any pictures that are not yours or that you do not have the permission of those featured to use!

What Next?

Look out for a display and the opportunity for those who have taken part to buy copy of the photobook later in the year. We will use the email address you supplied when uploading your pictures to keep you updated